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Cell Phone Packaging Box

Cell Phone Packaging Box

There are a variety of cell phone brands on the market, and each brand's mobile phone packaging design has its own characteristics. But the same is, these mobile phone packaging boxes?generally have brand logos, product names, product photo and product numbers on the surface. Maybe you want a simple but beautiful cell phone packaging box, in which case we will only print your brand logo on it.

A complete cell phone packaging box:

Mobile phone packaging boxes are common in our life, a simple and classic box can be more attractive to consumers and arouse their desire to buy. A complete cell phone packaging box contains a mobile phone, a PIN, a data cable, a charging head and a product manual. Therefore, the internal design of the box is also very important. How to make each accessory neatly placed is also a question we have to consider.

Cell phone packaging box by Lihua group:

In the business of packaging and printing, we are one of the trusted supplier, we have many years of experience working with cell phone companies like GOOGLE, VIVO, MEIZU, XIAOMI and HTC etc. We also have cell phone case packaging design. If you want packaging of a mobile phone or cell phone case packaging wholesale, please contact us. As China leading paper packing supplier, Lihua Group has provided telescope style rigid box, Injection lid and bottom style rigid box, custom printed magnetic flap closure rigid box, these boxes have high end construction and stable durability.? If you have any other design ideas, we will do our best to serve you.